Question:    I easily get motion sickness. Will I get dizzy or sick in Virtual Reality?                                                           

Answer:      No, more than likely you will not get sick or dizzy.  This is not a motion simulator like some people assume.  There are no objects rushing by you to simulate movement.  All movement is created by you, the motion of your head controls your view....just like in real life!  So the movement is completely natural to your brain.


Question:    How much do you charge for an escape room experience?

Answer:      $28 per person.  Contact us for large groups or party packages, they are customized and vary in price and reflect a discount.  Call us at 509-735-4045 or email us at for more info and help customizing a package.


Question:    I am interested in booking on your web site, but the time I would like is not available, what can I do?

Answer:      Call us if you do not see the time you want to book.  Sometimes we truly have no availability, or we can suggest another option for you.  If the requested time is outside of our business hours we still take most reservations! 


Question:    I have a large group, how can I book more than 8 people?

Answer:      Please call us and we can work with you to accommodate your large group.  We have multiple escape rooms, a party room, and packages that might meet your needs.  Call us at 509-735-4045 for more info.


Question:    I have a small child who REALLY wants to do the Virtual Reality.  Do you have an age limit?

Answer:      We recommend 10+ but every child is different.  In Virtual Reality you are required to wear a backpack containing a computer.  For small kids, this backpack can get heavy after 45 minutes of carrying it around, and some small kids are actually too small for our straps and we cannot secure the equipment on them properly.  Also, many puzzles in our games are geared towards an adult audience and the puzzles might be too complex or boring for a small child.  Ultimately, it is your decision but there will not be any refunds if the child does not complete the escape room.


Question:    Can I bring my purse in?  Is there a place for me to put my belongings?

Answer:       Yes, we have lockers for your coats, purses, cell phones, and any other item (please no liquids!).  You will keep the key around your wrist during your escape room experience.


Question:     Will I be able to see my friends in the Virtual Reality escape room?

Answer:       Yes, you will be able to see and talk to your friends with our headset and built in microphones in VR.  You will need to work with your friends because many of the tasks require teamwork!  We do have a limit of 5 people per Virtual Reality room, so you will be able to see up to 4 friends.  If you have a large group of 6 or more, you will be divided into different rooms.  Although you will be experiencing the same VR escape room at the same time, you will not be able to see ALL of your friends in your large group.


Question:     I wear glasses, can I keep my glasses on while I am wearing the Virtual Reality headset?

Answer:       Yes.  In most cases the VR headset will fit over glasses.  We have had very few cases where it doesn't work out.  If you have the option to wear contact lenses, that would be a good choice.  


Question:     Do I have to make a reservation ahead of time?

Answer:       We recommend reservations to guarantee your spot.  If you walk in without a reservation we might be booked up for the experience you are interested in.  Advance bookings also help us with staffing, so we really appreciate the heads up so we can give everybody timely service.